Thursday, April 23, 2009


The View (thanks to

The Today show

LetterMan (LMAO! Very funny video)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Madison Square Garden, June 21st!!!!!
The seats aren't that bad, section 200, I'm so excited, guys!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

North Amerrican Tour Dates

I'm so excited I can hardly type. Tickets go on sale April 20th (For Beyonce Fan Club Members) and April 25th for non-Beyonce Fan Club Members. Prices begin at $20(Plus other charges).

June 21, 2009 New York United States Madison Square Garden
June 24, 2009 Washington, DC United States Verizon Center
June 26, 2009 Philadelphia United States Wachovia Center
June 27, 2009 Greensboro United States Greensboro Coliseum Complex
June 29, 2009 Fort Lauderdale United States Bank Atlantic Center
July 1, 2009 Atlanta United States Philips Arena
July 3, 2009 New Orleans United States Louisiana Superdome [a]
July 4, 2009 Houston United States Toyota Center
July 5, 2009 Dallas United States American Airlines Center
July 7, 2009 Phoenix United States US Airways Center
July 9, 2009 Sacramento United States Arco Arena
July 10, 2009 Oakland United States Oracle Arena
July 11, 2009 Anaheim United States Honda Center
July 13, 2009 Los Angeles United States Staples Center
July 16, 2009 Minneapolis United States Target Center
July 17, 2009 Chicago United States United Center
July 18, 2009 Detroit United States The Palace of Auburn Hills
July 23, 2009 Uncasville United States Mohegan Sun
July 30, 2009 Las Vegas United States Encore Las Vegas
July 31, 2009 Vegas
August 1, 2009 Vegas
August 2, 2009 Vegas

I'm buying tickets as SOON as I wake up, monday morning. I'm even missing school because of it. I cannot wait!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Beyonce & Rihanna Therapy.

Usually I'd get offended when people make fun of Beyonce, but this is Hilarious!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beyonce's Wow! Wow! Wubzy! Role

Pop diva, Beyonce Knowles, has given her nod to the idea of voicing a cartoon character on children TV show Wow! Wow! Wubbzy. Why? Well, to make it clear, it's not for the money, but It'll be a small gift for some one special.

Hearing the news, her nephew was in the notion that her aunt was just trying to play some prank on her, and he had a tough time to believe the same.

The 'Ave Maria' hitmaker is more than delighted to voice the character on Nickelodeon's TV show, as her sister, Solange's four-year-old son, Daniel, is an avid fan of the show. Hearing the news, her nephew was in the notion that her aunt was just trying to play some prank on her, and he had a tough time to believe the same.

"I told my nephew I was being considered for the role, and he didn't believe me. The episodes haven't aired on TV, so he still doesn't believe me,” the Daily express quoted her as saying.

Here's a link to the clip from her role in the cartoon!
click here to watch the clip! I actually....want to see this. Haha!

Official Rhythm Heaven Commercial!

Very cute commercial, I saw it on TV about 6 times yesterday night.
0:24 is the funniest part!

It's time to state facts, again.

Yes. Another controversy in the world of the Queen, Mrs.Beyonce Knowles-Carter.
This time it invovles, Ciara.
This is what the dumbass [excuse my french] had to say:
"They must have really enjoyed [my shows] that much to go and nitpick it, because it's something they pulled up and was like, 'Yo! There were a couple of things in there that I've never seen.' I think that it's important for us as artists to be original and to create something new, so it would be really silly of me to go and create something you've already seen," she continued.

"So not one time were any of my references another artist. My references were clearly inspired from shows that I've actually seen. It goes to show how creative we can be and how close the worlds are. I did my first video with my metal outfit. I was inspired by Thierry Mugler. Now, from my understanding, Beyonce is using Thierry Mugler for her tour. It just is what it is. It's very petty to me."

Although, I dunno why I'm commenting 'cause covered this already, and did a DAMN GOOD JOB AT IT.
So I'll make this breif, and share my opinion.

So, let's get ONE THING STRAIGHT. Ok, so, it was stated that Beyonce was set to work with Theirry Mugler, in August of 2008,proven with this article, (Thierry Mugler collaborates with Beyoncé
Posted by Fiona Raisbeck on 08/12/2008) [Thanks to]. And Ciara said she was "Inspired", [note,the word "Inspired"] by Theirry Mugler, and Beyonce worked with Theirry, she was not only inspired by his clothing, but she actually went to him and asked for help on designing the clothes on her tour. I do believe that Ciara did not work with him on "Go Girl" I don't understand what's "Very Petty" to her, because Beyonce was working with Theirry Mugler, way before you were "Inspired" by him for your video with "Go Girl"

Well anyways, this all so confusing, and Ciara has nerve to make comments like that. When Beyonce came before her, and she should respect her.

I'm just gonna shut up now, or I'm gonna keep rambling and calling Ciara names. Lawd forgive me.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Know! I promised I would'nt post a video, but I had to do it for this one.

See, Beyonce for the lyrics for "Hello" and she makes the funniest face when she does, and just keeps going! Hm...maybe thats why Britney lip syncs, but I'd rather Beyonce sing live, and forget a few lyrics, instead of some one lip syncing ALL the songs--BUT HEY! That's just me.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beyonce on Wow! Wow! Wubzy!

Not gonna lie, I know a thing or two about Wow! Wow! Wubzy! [Due to the little people in my fam, hehe] But yes, I do find myself singing the Theme Song of the show. But anywho!
It's a cartoon, and from what I know, it's going to be a movie. "Wubb Idol Week" starts April 27th through Thursday April 30th. The movie premieres May 1st. Beyonce will be Shine, the lead singer of the group the Wubb Girlz. Pretty much the information is in the video. I'm actually excited to see this [Haha]. I'm pretty sure Julez is gonna love this!

Behind the Scenes, Crystal Gyser water

Cool beans.

Behind the Scenes of Ebony Magazine