Monday, March 30, 2009

You know what I just noticed?

I just messed up the whole damn surprise.
I've been looking for videos on Youtube and all that, and I forgot that I was trying to wait until I actually saw her.
Oh the hell well!
Atleast I know what to expect!
Here's one more, A.K.A. the last one I'm posting until I see her myself,
you lazy people are gonna have to find them your self ;)
I mean...t's not really hard to find them...ANYWHO HERES THE DAMN VIDEO!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Radio!!!! The dance is pretty...............................SICK! Those robots are killin' it!

Single Ladies Spectacular - LOVED THIS ONE! Around the 3:30 mark, she says "If he ain't got the ring on his finger putcho hand in his face and say..." AHHAHA loved that. Winnipeg sure did get a damn SHOW!

One big Medley - So much energy, it's so crazy.

Me, Myself, & I - My all-time favorite song. the Song never gets old.

That's all I got right now.
Still WAITING for someone to upload VIDEO PHONE.!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Star Pheonix Review

Friday night's Beyonce concert in Saskatoon was all about the spectacle. A dimmer star would fade amidst the strategically lit-up codpiece, the Cirque du Soleil-style flying and the troupe of backup dancers wearing nothing but skintight PVC.

But Beyonce is no ordinary performer. From note one, the 27-year-old powerhouse rose above all the gimmicks, mastering the show like a sexy alien overlord princess. Nothing but extraterrestrial origins could explain that voice.

Opening with the song Deja Vu from her album B'Day, Beyonce emerged on the complex stage and the overdressed audience happily rose out of Credit Union Centre's plastic seats. She sparkled in a gold bodysuit with a massive bow bustle -- the first of many pantless costumes. Flanked by an all-female band, the night unfolded with hit after hit, all starring a woman who could perform circles around any other pop star today.

The Saskatoon concert was just the second stop on a tour that will eventually traverse the globe. Edmonton, a seemingly odd choice, was privy to the very first Beyonce I Am . . . stop. The StarPhoenix wasn't allowed to shoot photos of the show, but plenty have already been leaked online thanks to cellphone cameras. One can't help but wonder if holding the first few shows in smaller cities was meant to work out any kinks before the tour reaches bigger markets. It that was the case it wasn't necessary, because Saskatoon's show was nothing short of spectacular.

Beyonce already has a huge catalogue of hits to draw from thanks to her solo records, her role in Destiny's Child and her work in movies. She wailed -- not just sang -- Crazy in Love, Naughty Girl, Freakum Dress, Radio and Check On It. There was also a DC medley that, of course, featured the aptly named Bootylicious. A surprise Canadian shout out -- for those who didn't read the Edmonton reviews -- came when she sang excerpts of You Oughta Know by Alanis Morisette and Angel by Sarah McLachlan.

The fierceness that is her sassy half Sasha made for the most danceable, fun moments of the show, but Beyonce also slowed it down for the angelic Halo and If I Were a Boy.

But the woman can do more than sing. Her Tina Turner legs -- and dance moves to match -- and confident, yet down-to-earth, charm were all on display. It is rare to see someone perform that hard when they could simply rely on blessed vocal cords.

Beyonce doesn't really need the bells and whistles of a big stadium show, but it sure makes for an unforgettable concert. And as she says in the song Ego, "I walk like this 'cuz I can back it up."

Former Canadian Idol contestant Eva Avila opened the show. Though she has grown since her stint on the TV talent show, an overactive smoke machine and blinding spotlights obscured her performance. Plus, at only four songs, the petite singer didn't get much of a chance to fulfil her warming-up duties. At best, Avila offered a pretty voice and a few average pop songs. Her performance was nice, but the Owe It All To You singer will be the last thing on the mind's of Saskatoon concertgoers today.


Flaws and All..

If I Were a Boy [I know ya'll saw it thousands of times, but the beggining was cute, especially when she laugheddd]

Get me Bodied!
[Well, damn, now I know to get good seats!]

Smash into You [The person uploading these videos should NOT be going to a Beyonce concert, she doesn't even know the names of the songs!]

Ave Maria

Baby Boy[This is sick!!!!! I have never seen any one do THAT at a concert, *sigh* the haters will come rolling in soon]

Upgrade U. [This person has nerve saying this is a "Destiny's child number"

Broken-Hearted Girl

DAMN I'm on a roll!

Been posting blog's for the past 2 days! Aren't you guys proud of me? Haha. Anywho
I found a nother video.
Dangerously in Love.

And when I find it, i'll be the happiest kid alive!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Obsessed exclusive featurette

MY GOSH, I can't wait to see this! :-D

Rhythm Heaven

Hell, might as well post this too!

Beyonce performing At Last, I know you've heard it 456789 times, but, you get
to see the commercial thing she was filming in that dress that caused all that
controversy with the whole "Padding" thing.
Get mad all you want to Etta!

Finally got what I wished for!

Quality isn't all that, but hey, I couldn't wait to see, or atleast HEAR her
perform the darn song, since she hasn't performed it yet. Anywho!!!! Here it is!!!!!

Just one big post...

Sorry I haven't been updating lately, as I sad before I have become very busy, and I don't come on the computer as much.

Commercial for Japenese water.
Well, damn. Makes me wanna drink some Crystal Gyser!

As ya'll know, Beyonce's first tour date in edmonton, yesterday, and lord, I wish i was there!
She reallyreallyreallyreally needs to release those U.S. dates!!!!
Looking at these pictures makes me even more excited. I cant wait until she goes to Madison Square Garden [If she's going there]
Here are somepictures

[Don't ask me about that wedding dress, I wonder what song it was for...Smash into you?]

see the rest at
[thanks to]

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Ok, so I've been GONE for a while! Because of a death in the family, but I'm ready to come back. And you KNOW I had to come back at a time like this.
Have any of you heard the "Turnin' me off" remix? Well, lord knows I ain't postin it on here, 'cause Keri doesn't deserve views, because she went for my girl, Beyonce. And at times like this, I become a "Super-Stan" and go off and defend Beyonce. And that is what I'm fixin' to do!
Ok, so "Miss Keri" wrote the verse for Beyonce in "Love in This Club Pt.2", right? And she wants to get all mad about it. Number 1! If you were so great, Usher would've asked you to sing, but no, he asked Beyonce to do it. If you haven't heard the song yet, Usher states in the begging "I'm the king...Ya'll know that, She's the Queen, [Referring to Beyonce] came right back.". That's why you weren't asked to sing in it, honey, 'cause you're NOT the Queen and I highly doubt you will ever be. Keri's song is #18 on the Hot 100 and #1 on R&B charts. Keri, do NOT think you're all powerful because it hit the top 20 and a R&B #1. Beyonce WILL end a career or two, and because of this she's gonna work harder and do more, therefore, ending your career. During this blog I've been trying so hard not to curse, because Keri has some nerve. I was actually becoming a Keri fan, bought her single, but now she ain't gettin SH!T from me! Beyonce and Ciara can both get my money, just to prove to you, that you're nothing. Although she'll have $13 dollars less, I'm pretty sure "Beyonce haters" and others will buy Keri's album, but just know now, she's NOT getting my support. Lord have mercy I can ramble about this all day. And if you need some facts just leave some comments!