Friday, January 30, 2009

Why do we love, love? When love seems to hate us?

Amazing song, amazing video!
I love this song so much!!!
It's number 121 on the charts! Please buy the single--buy the album!
"Fearless" In stores now!

Not much has been going on in the World of Beyonce..


Her album is #2...again selling 51, 000 copies.
Beyonce sold over 2 million in the US already, a great accomplishment.

Other billboard chart news...
Diva is #28! Keep downloading, and requesting it on the radio's!
Halo is #93! It's getting -GREAT- promotion by MTV. They've been playing
it for a while. I'm pretty sure it'll get to the top 40 in the next couple weeks.
I can see it being number 1, either way.

*UPDATE 2/4/09*
-Diva is also getting promotion by MTV, using it MTV commercials (for the reality shows, being that there is no more Music...they should just change it to RTV for reality TV or just TV...k, I'm done ranting.

New header?

Not really feeling it, but I was so tired of the old one.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Check out "Diva" Sims 2 Version.

I like the Sims 2 and I like Beyonce! So I had to do this music video!
Check it out :)
I tried making it as close to the video as I could...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My new favorite song...until it gets played out :P

It's not a Beyonce song!

It's by Ciara, and it's called "I Don't Remember". I'm not much of a Ciara fan...but I just love this song! Although the song doesn't show her vocal talent to the best of it's abilities, it's still a great song! Check it out!
click here to download!

Obsessed Movie Poster

Also check out a new video uploaded to Beyonce's YouTube about her Spring 2009 Dereon Collection!:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Besides Beyonce, I LOVELOVELOVE Me some Jazmine Sullivan! And she performed on BET last night, while I was all caught up in the Inaguaration!
She perfomed my JAMS, "Lions, Tigers and Lions" and "Dream Big"
If I saw this last night, I woulda been screaming the words at my TV screen!
Jazmine is probably the only other artist, besides Beyonce and Solange who I've bought more than two albums of!

thanks to BlazingSwarm!

Beyonce gives us another reason to call her "Queen B"

I thought this performance was amazing, and breath taking.
She sung it so beautifully, although you can tell she was trying
to hold back tears, she did a great job!

Speaking of "Diva"!


The definition is way better than the other one! XD
And the different scenes are great!
I also like the part where it goes "Stick Up, Stick Up" and the camera
moves with Bey's hands! SICKKK!
Also, this time theres no "Video Phoneeee".
Another part I like is when "I know you read the paper, the one they call a queen"
And she has something on her head that resembles a crown...or atleast I think it's supposed to! XD Anyways! Check it out!

Another 'Surprise' Performance at Jay-Z's Washington D.C. Concert!

Special thanks to BeyonceWorld and BkNollenBerg for this!

LOVED the performance! Although Quality and Sound are pretty low.
I know she's promoting "Single Ladies" at the moment, 'cause it's becoming a world wide hit...but...Am I the only one who wants to see Beyonce perform Diva???

Beyonce sings "America the Beautiful: We Are One"

I think she did phenomenal.
I think this experience with the whole Obama thing will make her even more of a legend. And for people who think people like Rihanna or Britney are better than her...think again, 'cause I don't see Rihanna or Britney doing this! Barack loves him some Beyonce!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Excuse my french, but, What Kind of BULLS#@% is this?!

" Beyoncé's song 'Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)' could lead to economic collapse, according to scientists.

A study carried out at New York University has found that songs with a more regular beat coincide with volatility in the American financial markets.

Phil Mayim, a professor of finance and risk engineering, has studied the Billboard chart for decades and found that low "beat variance" songs had an "inverse correlation with market turbulence", reports The Guardian.

"If it's a steady beat, the same beat, no matter if it's fast or slow, that's a low beat variance song," Maymin told PRI Radio. "[But] if [the song] starts off slow and becomes fast and comes back down, that's a high beat variance."

The last market crash coincided with the release of A-Ha's 'Take On Me', which had a "steady beat". Meanwhile, songs with more complex arrangements were more popular at times when the market was less volatile.

"The correlation is pretty strong," Maymin concluded. "The turbulence of the music predicts the steadiness of the market." "

My Opinion?: It's in the title. BULLS#@%. I've heard faster songs than "Single Ladies". (I'm in a cursing mood, this makes me so mad) Can Beyonce ever catch a fuc#@$% Break?! Next thing you know they're gonna say Beyonce's the reason why the worlds gonna end. Beyonce is not JESUS CHRIST.
Someone comented on the article I got this from:
"can beyonce ever get a break?
this is really bogus.
scientist are becoming dumber and dumber. "

Agreed 100% Margaret! Agreed!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Extreme Haters have "signing" a petition for Beyonce not to perform for Obama.
Well, I want to know, how it feels, signing a worthless petition. Just like the "Hate On Beyonce" blog, because you people don't realize that THAT SH%# IS NOT AFFECTING THE QUEEN BEE!
'Cause guess what! She's performing at the Inauguration!

A sad thing is, Beyonce didn't win that Golden Globe, but hey! Beyonce's working on new movie deals, and you never know what's in store for her!

But anyways, Watch B work it!

I love the dress!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Beyonce Donates 4 Million Dollars (Cadillac Records Salary) To Drug Treatment Centers

Beyoncé’s donation was made to Phoenix House, which runs 98 rehab programmes in USA. During the course of her research the singer was so moved by the work of staff at Phoenix House that she pledged every penny of her salary from the film to help them. Karen Sodomick, marketing chief of the Phoenix House, confirmed the singer had given the “overwhelmingly generous” gift, but she added: “Beyoncé wants to remain a quiet supporter.”

My opinion?
-I think it's great of her to do that! 4 Mill is ALOT of money! Other's would do bull%$#@ with it. I'm glad Beyonce donated it!

Beyonce has the most viewed video on Youtube!

*More people are hitting up YouTube to watch Beyonce videos than any other artist, including MTV staples Soulja Boy, Rihanna, the Jonas Brothers and Chris Brown, according to the Associated Press.

Her clip for "If I Were a Boy," where Beyonce imagines life if gender roles were reversed between her and her boyfriend, has been watched by more than 34 million on the video-sharing site.

Her other recent song, "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)" – featuring Beyonce dancing in a black leotard and heels – has drawn at least 22 million views and inspired dozens of copycats – including a popular toddler named Arianna (Scroll down to watch).

Beyonce has spoken about how bowled over she is by all the imitations and met some of the dancers. She also joined the "Saturday Night Live" parody of the video with Justin Timberlake and cast members Andy Samberg and Bobby Moynihan. (That video has also been watched by millions online.)

The singer and her record label, Sony/BMG, are hoping her latest video, "Diva," has similar success. Released on Dec. 24, it returns Beyonce to the simple style of her and two dancers in a plain setting — this time an empty warehouse. It has drawn less than one million viewers on YouTube so far.

My opinion?
-I think Beyonce deserved it. She did a killer performance with her video "Single Ladies" especially creating a dance craze along with it! So many people are dancing to Single Ladies on Youtube! Hopefully the music video "Diva" will be a hit too! But in my opinion, I think there should've been more dancing in the video, but it's still a hot video and the song is crazy!

NOTE: "Single Ladies" was the last #1 Single in 2008, and the first in 2009!

New Loreal Ad!


Monday, January 5, 2009

Diva + Halo + Ciara Diva "Remix". (100th Post!)

Both videos were released while I was on Vacation, and I know half of the WORLD saw this video, so I might as well -not- post the video's on here. Also, because Embedding is not allowed on all Youtube for these videos! So I might as well just "share" my thoughts with you guys.


Beyonce shut down ALL the other artist with this video!!!!
During the video all I said was "DAMN". I lovelovelove the dance with her hair, that was sick! And the end when the car was blowing up, her song "Video Phone" was DEFINATELY perfect for that moment! That video's a 10! It's already #85 on the Billboard charts, and I heard it everywhere I went while I was in Texas!


The video definately fits the song! Although a couple of the blinding lights here and there weren't so pleasing, but somewhat original. Anyways, adding Micheal Ealy to the video was great. They had a great connection, and it was a pretty cool video. Hopefully this song will do well on the charts, the song is catchy, has great meaning and vocals to it. The song is also similar to "Take a Bow", but too bad Rihanna can't sing, although with her awful singing it managed to reach number 1.
I predict that it will probably be on the charts sometime in the next 2 weeks.

Ciara's Diva "Remix" for her mixtape:

Okay, one word, "Garbage". So Ciara attemps mixing singing with Rapping in this and it obviously didn't go well. "I know you know about that diva, diva, named B, while I'm at it Imma tell you 'bout this Diva named C." Ok Ciara, Diva? You? Nuh-Uh. Maybe in a few years. Ok, so, I love Ciara, but this remix is a "No-No". She tried Beyonce's style of Singing and Rapping at the same time, and Beyonce succeeded and didn't sound like she was forcing it. Ciara vocals sounds like she forcing herself to sound that way. No, Ciara! No! Also, the "Hey's" were off beat! Try again. And her 'alter ego' Super C? Pshhhh. You can tell Beyonce is way different than Sasha Fierce, but Ciara and this Super C girl is the same genre of music.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Ok, so after 2 long weeks! I am back.
I had a great vacation!

Merry Christmas
Happy Hannukkah/Kwanzaa
and Happy New Year!
I hope you had a great holiday!
I know I did!

In 2009 I will be putting -ALL- the haters in check, to let you all know Beyonce is here to stay! And 2009 will be BEYONCE'S year!

As much as I'd LOVEEEE to post blogs everyday, but Mid-Term's are this month!
So I will be posting every -other- day. So in february I will be back on my Beyonce posting grind ;)